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Ready for a change?

I support you to navigate complexity, gain fresh perspective and leverage your gifts

For joyful peace of mind and a legacy you love to leave.



Clear Vision

Envision long-term outcomes that matter most with clarity, passion and precision. 60 to 90 minute consultation.


New Venture Catalyst

Gain momentum with strategies optimized for your values, strengths and market. 1 to 3 month engagement.


Executive Coaching

Evolve your career or business to the next stage of growthTime slot or concierge service


Weekend Unwind

Reflect and refuel away from the noise. Solo retreat includes extended coaching and restorative activities of your choice.


Embodied Exploration

Activate drivers and clear blocks to outcomes somatically. Executive Coaching clients only.


Leader Mastermind

Get feedback and ideas in a group of likeminded peers. Details TBA.

What is Ontological Performance Coaching?

I apply transformational (“being” or ego-based) techniques, evidence-based performance science, and leadership development best practices + trends. 100% human-to-human.

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