A Career sabbatical

Clairvoyage is a 12 week reset and redesign program for high achieving women seeking radical self-alignment in their work.

​This program is for you if...

  • You’ve worked hard to climb the corporate ladder but don’t love the view (or the ceiling)

  • You're a leader or expert in your field or organization

  • You’re drained and unfulfilled versus inspired and excited

  • You have impostor syndrome and feel generally inauthentic

  • You sense you’re not fulfilling your true potential or living life to the fullest - you wish settling down didn't mean settling

  • You have diverse interests outside of work and you’re unsure of if/how to connect the dots or monetize them

  • You feel like you have golden handcuffs

  • You’re successful, driven, and not sure where to drive to

This program will give you...

  • Strong awareness of who you are, what lights you up, and your desired impact

  • A clear and inspiring vision of self-aligned success long-term: Passion, purpose, and profit (we won't leave anything out)

  • A 12-month career & life plan with tangible goals and milestones

  • An intimate and intimately connected cohort of sister adventurers for accountability and support

  • Skills to achieve from joy versus hustle or grinding

  • Removal of mindset and behavioral blocks

  • Greater alignment with your creativity and intuition

  • Greater self-acceptance, confidence and self-trust

The Process

MODULE 1: Homecoming. Recover/discover who you are at your best and most vital (yes, you!).

MODULE 2: Achievement Overhaul. Transform your relationship to work, period. Take on practices that enhance calm and energy, customized for you.

MODULE 3: Shining Light On Your Blocks. Cultivate awareness, grace, and tools for the things getting in the way.

MODULE 4: Passion, Purpose, & Profit: A Holistic Vision. Create a clear long-term vision of your desired career and lifestyle.

MODULE 5: Design Shop. Create an achievable plan with milestones for the next 3-12 months that will act as your roadmap and yardstick.

MODULE 6: Sustainable Support. Master self-care with practical supports and self-investments. Learn skills in rock-solid boundaries, self advocacy, and vulnerability.

MODULE 7: Celebration & Closing. Soak in your awesomeness and progress. Empower next steps.



Who is this for?

Leaders, professionals, and entrepreneurs who want to make a career change or start a business.


What’s included?

  • 1:1 Discovery Call with Casey to set intentions for the group

  • Career sabbatical guidebook with reading and exercises

  • Weekly practices with buddy system support

  • Workshop style trainings for each of the 7 modules

  • Group coaching sessions tailored to individual needs

Are sessions recorded?

Yes, sessions will be recorded if/when a group member misses. That said you won't want to miss: This is a live, interactive, intimate group program!


When does it start?

The program runs on a rolling basis based on need.


What are the benefits?

  • A high touch safe and enjoyable container

  • A balanced blend of inspiration and action taking

  • Coaching conversations customized to group needs

  • Coach with experience, expertise and tools to safely guide you to your destination

  • A supportive group of 4-6 likeminded women to cheer you on

  • Knowledge and skills that extend well beyond your career transition


I'm interested. What next?

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