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Hi there! I'm Casey. Once upon a time, I believed that work and play were totally separate. Play was fun, frolicking, frivolous. Work was difficult. soul crushing, and mostly unpleasant. I came from a family of high achievers and was determined to excel, or at least avoid looking like I wasn't. In ignoring my inner guidance I ended up burning out and feeling completely lost in spite of my achievements. In 2017 I left my consulting position and kicked off an international travel sabbatical  for clarity, perspective and a sense of freedom. Since then I have committed to a career and life that are joyful, self-expressed and purpose-driven, culminating in a business and full-time coaching practice. Given my own path, I most love to help clients expand into their best selves through clarifying and fiercely pursuing bold and beautiful life visions - enjoying themselves all along the way.


When I'm not coaching you can find me doing yoga, running, busting a move, appreciating music, merrymaking, cooking, cracking jokes, writing, doodling or trying something new. 


My background is in Fortune 500 talent management and leadership consulting, with a focus on employee engagement, leadership development, and executive assessment. I have a PhD in Industrial-Organizational Psychology with a M.S. in Counseling. I am a graduate of Accomplishment Coaching, a rigorous 12-month ICF-accredited coach training program.

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